Matthew Chu is a graphic designer born and raised in San Francisco.

An experienced designer from San Francisco

I’m Matthew Chu. Throughout the past 8 years, I’ve worked on a lot of various projects and I’ve worn many hats (I like snapbacks, they're pretty in right now). I’ve worked as a product designer, graphic designer, UI/UX designer, marketing designer, and creative services team leader.

I’m driven to learn why people do what they do so I can create experiences that are intuitive and meaningful for them. I strongly believe that design and data is beautiful, especially when they can both impact each other. Form follows function. I don't only make things pretty, I make things work.

After three years in various roles at Adyen, I recently made a move to explore freelance design with a focus to learn more about products. Most importantly, I'd love to bring my design expertise and experiences with me to a company that strongly aligns with my goals as a designer.

For fun

I love lifting weights and pushing myself in the fitness realm. With film photography so scarce, I really enjoy exploring capturing the moment with my film camera. As a big fan of streetwear, gaming, sneakers and hip hop, I try to incorporate these themes into my e-commerce shop called naisu.


Clients I've worked with

I'm really blessed as a designer to have worked on some projects for these companies. From creating UI/UX flows to pitch decks, I have learned a great deal of the business aspects as a designer. Some of these companies include: Tesla, Snap Inc., Nike, Expedia, Dropbox, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Uber, eBay, and