On one hungry night in Amsterdam, I had an appetite for Japanese food. At the corner of the block at Rembrantplein, I saw SHABUSHABU. My experience there could have been better. In fact, there were a few things that I noticed that could have made my experience better and possibly others. Here were some issues: long queue for food, long wait for food, unorganized, and the menus were these long sheets of papers where you check-marked each round of food (you can order a maximum of 5 items per round). The waiter had to explain this to me and everyone that is new to the restaurant. Wasn't there a better way? It all comes down to one thing: I just want to order some food that I enjoy and have them arrive at my table. After my meal, I decided to brainstorm and found a few solutions to create a more memorable experience. 



During the brainstorming process, I decided, why not use tablets? What if we maximized the efforts of easier table-flipping and caused less stress for customers and the employees at Shabushabu? Here is my take on the solution: a tablet where you can order food, see the status of the ordered food, and easy onboarding. Icons courtesy of Freepik for this project.


Throughout this project, I was focused on two things: a more organized experience for customers and better support for the restaurant. I believe that with the use of technology, we can further advance hospitality within restaurants. Sure, we all love the human to human experience of ordering food, but since Shabushabu operates as a buffet, we might as well make the system easier to use!